Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Free All Inclusive Vacations with Business

June 21, 2016

Free Vacations With J.R Watkins Business

What? Free Vacations with Watkins? What is that all about?

Well, Watkins has a program called the Performance Rewards Program and as the name suggests, each year, consultants are rewarded for their productivity through this program by receiving a free, all inclusive vacation!

This program looks at your overall volume from the current year to last year and you earn your points by having month over month increases from the current year to the last year. In addition, you need to advance some consultants under you to new levels and once you've met those requirements, you are set for a Trip for 1 or Trip for 2.

The upcoming trip, for example, to Cabos San Lucas, Mexico is 5 nights, 6 days at the all inclusive RIU resort. Airfare is paid for. Once you've earned the trip, you get your itinerary shortly before the trip, go to the airport and put those feet up...pretty awesome deal!

So how hard is it to earn the trip? I mean, Watkins can't make it to easy right? Well, not as hard as you may think!

Trip for 1 is 26,000 points, Trip for 2 is 38,000 points. You must have a volume increase over last year and have 8 advancement levels under you. So what does all that mean?

Let's discuss points. A point is roughly a dollar when it comes to volume. So if you did $2000 in sales this month (and you are new to the program), then you would have 2,000 points. Since last year this time you had 0 points. The points are given in increments of 500. So if you had 1700 points,  there are 3 increments of 500 in there, totaling 1500. So 1500 points is what you would be awarded.

Now, if you sponsor a couple of people, they will reach new levels based on their volume. Bronze is 500 points, Silver is 1000, Gold is 1500 and Manager is 2000. So if you had 8 people who all made Bronze consultant you'd have your 8 advancement. But...you could also have 2 people who join, doing awesome work and make Manager (it happens a  lot, believe me!) If those 2 people reach Manager, which they could do in 2 months...that's 4 advancements each...boom! You have your 8 advancements from 2 consultants!

This is the busy time for Watkins. Summer with the markets and fairs, then into fall with the holidays and baking, and fall harvest and then into the winter with holidays and baking, gifts and alas...cold & flu season which sees a huge increase in demand for medicinal products.

It is entirely possible for you to have this scenerio:

You join Watkins today. Start selling to customers, doing some markets or parties and do $2000 in sales. Repeat for next month. Boom - you are a Manager and earning much bigger percentages than consultants. You sponsor some others who also want to do the markets and sales, they make Manager in 2 months. Boom - you have your 8 advancements.

For month 1 and 2, you totalled 4,000 points from yourself alone. After that, your two Managers to be, who are also doing 2,000 in sales each month are giving you 4,000 points a month combined. Plus your own 2,000 each month. That's 6,000 points a month.

July: 2,000

August: 2,000

September: 6,000

October: 6,000

November: 6,000

December: 6,000

You are at 28,000 points right there. Trip for 1 earned! Now, I didn't include June as you noticed but of course, if you join today and were to order and start doing markets right away, that would be an additional 2,000 points (putting you at 30,000 at year end.)

And, it's likely  you will keep sponsoring others who will only add to your total points and it's likely your consultants will also sponsor, adding to overall sales. So it's quite likely you will have even more points that your whole downline generates for you, thus earning trip for two. You also have the option, once you have earned the Trip for 1...to 'buy up' for the trip for 2, in case you don't have all the necessary points. I myself did this one year and after upgrading our flights to first class and extending our trip by 2 days my total cost was $500. Totally worth it to extend the trip and upgrade our seats plus buy the extra points for the Trip for 2.  That trip was only a 3 day, 2 night trip...Watkins has since then, extended the duration of the holiday so now it's a week (6 days, 5 nights). The other trips I've earned I've not had to pay for extra points as I earned them through sales and everything was paid for...even the hotel where we would need to stay if we choose the flight that had a stop over in another city (you get presented with flight options and can choose which ones you want.)

As you start to build a team and customer base, especially as you reach and maintain Manager, it is much easier to rely on consistent sales. So next year, you can expect stronger sales, and the year after that and so on. Plus, if you take this scenario...starting in June, then next January-May you are earning top points since they year previous you hadn't joined yet and your points were 0.

I have earned a few trips with Watkins in recent years and I can say that it is totally achievable. I know many companies talk about free trips/cruises etc but they are so hard to achieve and often, not everything is included. With Watkins, the trip is totally achievable..year after year and is totally paid for...one really big perk that goes with this business! So get started today. You will earn some income of course which is great for helping out with your bills and holidays but also great for  your retirement and at the same time, you will start earning points to take a free vacation. Most people work hard to save up money for holidays and pay thousands of dollars for the vacation...you still need to work hard, but you don't have to pay anything out of your pocket! Learn more and sign up at Http://www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/378193

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