Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Start a Home Business for $19.95 and Get a FREE $20 Gift Certificate

March 1, 2016

Start a J.R Watkins Home Business and Get a FREE $20 Gift Certificate

It doesn't happen often but when it does - Awesome! This is the month J.R Watkins is giving away a FREE $20 Gift Certificate to ALL new consultants who join in March 2016! Now, the electronic membership is $19.95 (your annual membership fee) and that low price is reason enough to join, but add the free gift certificate and you are laughing!

Why Join Watkins?

Watkins is a very trusted and reputable company. Offering a variety of products from House Care, Health, Cooking and Outdoor Care....there isn't something you and your customers won't love from Watkins! Plus they have money back guarantees and stand by their commitment to your satisfaction!

One of the best things that sets J.R Watkins apart from other MLM companies is that there are no
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auto shipments or renewals....you are never charged for something you don't want! You are not required to buy catalogues every 2 weeks, nor are you required to buy a bunch of inventory. You can buy some if you wish and especially if you plan on doing trade shows, but there is no obligation ever to stock up on a bunch of product!

Watkins is flexible and designed to work with your schedule! You can sell directly or do home parties. You can sponsor or do online marketing. Or a combination of any of the above! The choice is yours! Besides earning on your sales you also earn points towards all-inclusive vacations which are amazing and so much fun!

Is J.R Watkins a Safe Company?

A great selection of NEW products plus timeless traditional ones!
Definitely! They have been around since 1868...yes....1868! They are trusted by consumers and consultants all across Canada and the USA and have always paid their consultants, never going bankrupt and closing the doors like other companies have done. This is one company you can trust and know they will be there for you in the long-run!

The best thing is, Watkins products sell themselves. The most common thing I hear from customers is they can't find a consultant in their area to order from. While there are many consultants, there is room for many, many more! As a perk, I list ALL consultants on my team on the very popular website www.GoGreenNorthAmerica.ca so that local customers can find you! This listing is free and only available to members of my team!

What Do I Get as an Indep. Watkins Consultant?

If you join electronically for $19.95 you get your ID# which is a one year membership. Every year you must renew it yourself for $32.95 (remember, no auto renews, you are never charged automatically unless you get a special website from Watkins and authorize them to bill you monthly!)

You are allowed to sell and sponsor in Canada and the USA and use a variety of methods including direct selling, home parties, trade shows (yes you can sell products at the shows), online marketing, sponsoring etc.

You get discounts on your purchases, free shipping on orders over $100 and commissions based on your monthly sales. You also get commissions from orders that are placed online or over the phone when customers refer your ID#.

You also get a FREE sponsoring website from our sponsoring team. Mine for example is http://www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/378193  and yours would be the same, except you would have your ID number on the end, not mine!  Anyone who goes to that link and joins up is placed on your team! As well, full access to our online training which offers hundreds of articles and weekly webinars including previous ones that were taped and can be watched/listened to at any time!

Tamara Laschinsky, Indep. Watkins Consultant
& National Team Manager #378193
You also get 1 on 1 help from me if you want, for business coaching. I have been in this business going on 10 years now. I have won a few trips and manage a team of over 300 consultants. I've also been awarded top personal sponsoring awards for the last couple of years which I am honored to have received. My background is in business and E-Commerce and Marketing. I am happy to help work with you over the phone/email/Skype etc to help you realize your goals and get working towards them!

Even if you read this article after the promotion is over, don't worry....joining Watkins is STILL a good idea! The $20 Free Gift Certificate is a perk, but one of many perks this business has to offer! So join up, give it a try and see how you like it. Watkins offers a 30 day money back guarantee on your membership so what have you got to lose? Even if you only join to get a discount and sell to family and friends...you are still going to love the quality of the products and will quickly realize why Watkins is so popular with customers across North America!

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at Info@NaturalProductsOnline.ca or phone me at 403.998.8597. I'm happy to help!


Join up NOW or Learn more at http://www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/378193

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