Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Safe and Secure Home Business for Retirement

June 15, 2016

Safe and Secure Home Business for Retirement

Have you been giving much thought to your retirement lately? Most people don't have a plan for their retirement years and will not have enough money to properly retire on. Sometimes a lack of planning and lack of putting aside extra money each month, but other times, life events. Life events can be costly and take away the savings you had, or make it impossible to find extra money to put into a retirement plan.

However, it's not too late, no matter your age. You can still earn extra income to put into a retirement plan and earn extra income to help with day to day bills. Best of all, with a home business that is flexible to work with your schedule, you can build it up so it continues to grow and will continue to earn income for you.

J.R Watkins Home Business

I am going to speak of the J.R Watkins Home Business. I have been with the company as an Indep. Consultant for about 10 years now. I started slow, mostly to fulfill personal orders for my family. I decided to grow this business a few years ago once I realized it could be the retirement nest egg I never had a chance to build up.

A company that is solid, has survived depressions and recessions. It's flexible with no autoshipments or quotas to fill. It won't break your bank and offers top quality every day items that customers need and want. There is a market across Canada and the USA and it's yours for the taking! No territories to be confined to. Market online, do markets and booth sales, or home's all up to you! There are so many paths to success with this company, it will amaze you!

My Story

You see, I was a single mother for quite some time. Money was tight and I barely had enough money to buy a new pair of shoes to replace the worn out ones with holes in them, never mind put aside money for retirement! After going to college I did get a better job for sure, but I had a LOT of debt to pay off! It took years and years to pay off that debt. Again, I still didn't have much money to put aside for retirement, though, nearing my 40's...I knew I had to start doing something.

I started my Watkins business in 2007 and worked it a little bit. Not much. It was just...there. I opened an online store selling natural products and kept that going for six years, however, it cost me a lot of money. A shift in the online market made it harder to compete with bigger online stores and I tried to keep it going a couple years longer than I should have. Rather than make me money, the company lost me money and I decided to let it go in early 2015. I had recently become a holistic healer and decided I'd rather do that alongside my Watkins business.

My Successful Watkins Home Business

My team grew, my customers grew. I worked hard at my business and it paid off. Bringing in consistent income each month, something I can count on. My debts got paid off, I am now able to contribute to retirement savings but best of all, this business will continue even into my retirement years!

So while others will live on a budget once they retire, pulling a certain amount from their savings, I will be able to live off the income my business is still generating from me. I can modify my work week to work as often or as little as I need to.

Right now, I work 1-2 hours a day a few days a week. I'm still building my business and much of my time is helping others with their business. I have the luxury of balancing my home and work obligations. I can take as many holidays as I wish, spend time with the kids during summer and days off and take part in their activities more.

Free Vacations with Watkins

Another perk is Watkins Performance Program which offers a free trip for 1 or 2 each year (all paid). I have earned many of these trips and will be in line for going to the next one in 2017. It is a great week of fun and relaxation and a chance to meet others in the business including upline executives and people I've spoken to often during the year but never see in person.

One of the things people tell me as a reason why they'd like to  join Watkins is to make enough money to go on a holiday. Well, how about just earning that free trip and then still make the extra money to do with as you please? Sounds good to me!

Fastest Way to Make Money With J.R Watkins Business

I would have to say reaching that Manager level will start earning you the most income. Customer sales in general are the way to go for quickest income. So consider doing parties or better yet, booth sales (Summer is the perfect time for the markets!) and build a team slowly. Building a team helps you branch out a bit and create a solid and stable business. It will help you have a business that helps generate income when you want to focus more on retirement down the road.

Doing markets and customers sales will help you get the most commission on your sales and help you earn extra bonus income including share in a pool for new managers that qualifies you for up to $500 USD every month for 12 months! (On top of your regular commissions!)

There's quite a bit of money to be made with Watkins and since their products are top quality and trusted by customers everywhere, you know you will have an easy time selling them! Watkins is very flexible in letting you run the business as you see fit. There is a training site with valuable information and weekly webinars if you wish to participate plus help from me as your sponsor and the whole upline. There is a reason why Watkins is #1 and has lasted through tough times.

So don't waste your time looking for these 'new and upcoming' home businesses that have no history because they are more likely to fold and collapse. An open market sounds great but no history means it's harder to get the ball rolling and it's more likely the business will end up closing the doors. What sense does it make to put in thousands of dollars and hours/years into a business, only to have it shut it's doors one day. Poof. All your work - done. Even other companies that were well known shut down....they  just didn't have a solid plan to compensate for down markets.

Watkins is almost 150 years old now. Always paid their consultants. Always stayed in business. Always honored their money back policy if the customer wasn't happy. They are an honorable company and you can be confident with them when you join as a new consultant!


What You Get With Watkins

The signup fee is $19.95. Yes, just $19.95. No hidden fees. Catalogues are printed twice a year and you can buy a pack of 40 for around $22..that's 50 cents a piece. You don't have to buy anything you don't want to, though I usually stock popular items for quick sale..your choice! Orders over $100 have free S&H (Bonus!) and you get discounts on your own orders as well.

You get a free sponsoring website (see the one I mention below) plus a free listing on our team website so local customers can find you (top rated in Google). The team website is created and maintained by myself and offered only to those on my team and in my downline. 

Access to our training site and the weekly webinars. Tons of help whenever you need it and advice from top experts who are very successful with the path they have chosen, be it booth sales, sponsoring etc.

Learn more and feel free to contact me with any questions!  Http://

Tamara Laschinsky
Indep Watkins Consultant & National Team Manager #378193

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