Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Fire up the BBQ - These Sales Prices are HOT!

April 16, 2019

Spring is here and warm weather on the way! Let's get things cooking and bring the living to the outdoors! Hello BBQ and hello yummy recipes!

Watkins Organic Spice Seasonings

Just introduced, these organic spices are totally amazing! Totally re-designed and coming in a glass jar to preserve freshness and quality, Watkins has really upped the game and delivered on these gourmet spices!

Mixed together in the perfect blend, you can use the blends in so many ways. On steaks, seafood, pork, in salads, dips, spreads...I'm sure you will find some more ways as they are super delicious and little goes a long way!

Watkins Sales April 2019

Better yet - why not get these products while they are on sale?! A great time to stock up and at a great price too! You can visit the website to see these products and more on sale this month!

How to Order Watkins Products

Ordering is easy and you get free Shipping and Handling for orders of $100 or more. Don't have $100 worth of products you want, that's ok - why not see if any friends or family needs anything! You can group the whole order together and get free Shipping and Handling and delivered right to your door! (Canada and USA).

Got more than $150 in orders and order often? You may want to consider getting a Watkins membership for $19.95/year. An order of $150 will get you 15% discount and free Shipping and Handling. Higher discounts available on larger amounts plus you can sell products and earn income. (No autoshipments or quotas, order for personal, business or both!)  Learn more about a Watkins membership here...

Just want to see what's on sale and put in a personal order for now? Sounds great! Visit the Watkins website here, click the flag of the country you belong to and browse away! Add items to your cart, checkout and have the items delivered easily to your door! 

Watkins Organic Seasoning Blends on Sale April 2019!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Slow Cooker Recipes: What's For Dinner

April 15, 2019

Slow Cooker Recipes for Dinner Ideas

If you are anything like me, you are busy whether it's with work, volunteering, cleaning the house, running the kids around or whatever! But you still need to eat right?!  Fast hectic schedules are often to blame for families eating out a lot which is obviously not very healthy, but very expensive over time! Introducing your slow cooker - sent from the heavens to save meal-time!

Why Use a Slow Cooker

First, they are easy to use! Simply put in your ingredients, spices and set time/temp and you are done! The prep is often very quick, cook time you can just walk away and the cleanup is super easy since it's a 1 pot dish!

Types of Recipes for Slow Cookers

From stews, to soups, to roasts, to ribs, to chickens, to pasta dishes...the list goes on and on and on! Simply prep your ingredients and add your spices and you are set. You can cook the meal hot and then on lower heat and just simmer until you are ready!

Importance of Healthy Eating

Photo Credit: PinchofYum.com

In the day and age of fast-food it's important we get our healthy foods and eat a balanced, non-deep fried meal! Eating healthy is your body's medicine to good health, mental clarity and weight management!

I certainly have my go-to recipes that I use when cooking but I also love checking the Internet for other recipes. This website is a BIG winner for me, for all sorts of recipes! See Slow cooker recipes and so  much more at PinchofYum.com

Monday, April 1, 2019

33% off Business Membership This Month!

April 1, 2019

Save 33% on Watkins Business Membership

Banner showing 33% savings on Watkins business membership April 2019

You can start your Watkins home business this month for only $19.95 (reg $29.95). Imagine starting a home business for under $20! 
All new consultants who join in April 2019 will get this discounted price so my only question is: Why Not?!

What do you get with a Watkins home business? 

LOTS! All consultants who join Watkins will get:
  • Access to buy and sell Watkins products
  • Access to specials and consultant only deals
  • Free Watkins e-site so customers can order direct from you
  • Free Sponsoring website so prospects can learn about the business
  • Eligibility to earn free vacations through the Performance Rewards Program
  • Free training through our Timeless Integrity training website
  • Flexibility to work your own hours 

What do you get when you join MY Watkins team:

  • Free listing on our team directory websites so customers can find you
  • Free membership to our team's Advanced Training Program
  • Free videos and images created by me to help you grow your business
  • Free one on one training from me if you want, plus tips and ideas
Watkins is a flexible business with no autoshipments or quotas. It's designed so you can work your business how you want, to fit with your lifestyle! Over 150 years of history, Watkins products are top quality, everyday items at great prices. Backed by customer satisfaction guarantee, it's no wonder our customers love us!
About me: My name is Tamara Laschinsky and I've been an Indep Watkins Consultant (Dealer, Distributor, Associate, Rep!) for almost 12 years now as of this writing. Best decision ever! I am a Silver Manager and manage a team of over 400 consultants across Canada and the USA. I spend my days helping consultants on my team grow their business, by working on our team directory websites, creating exclusive images and videos they can use for promotions and recording training videos. 
When I'm not working, I am probably camping! (and sometimes I am doing both!) I love being outside and seriously love the flexibility this job has given me. More time for family, less stress and I've been on a few of the free vacations which are awarded annually (and let me tell you - they are fun! No sitting around in board rooms all day..these vacations are total R&R!) 
I 100% LOVE what I do for my 'job' and I don't really consider it work because it's not work when you love what you do! I'm honest with people when they ask about the business because it doesn't serve anyone any good coming into this business thinking it's something it's not! If you think you will get rich overnight, I will tell you that you won't. It's a business and no business will get you rich overnight! Sure, people call it MLM or call it 'easy business' but don't kid yourself...it's a real business like any other and you need to define your goals and work at it. So if you have questions, please feel free to ask. Any business owner should have all their questions answered before beginning a new opportunity!
As for achievements, I rarely ever put these down but so many people tell me I should so here goes: I've been the top personal sponsor for Watkins for the last few years running. I'm a Silver Manager with 12 years experience at present time. My team has also received various awards for the annual awards. Last  year I was awarded "Leader of the Year". I have been awarded six free vacations over the years (St. Maarten, Arizona, Cancun, Costa Rica, Cabos San Lucas & Dominican Repubic). Education: I'm a Business Admin college graduate with degrees in both E-Commerce and Marketing. Website creation and graphic design are more a hobby for me than anything but both have come in very handy with this business and in helping our team grow their business.

If you have any questions I welcome them, as a I strongly believe anyone considering starting a business needs to have as much information as possible to make the right decisions. If you would like to know more about the special for joining Watkins this month, click here...

Have a great day!

Tamara Laschinsky, #378183  Indep Watkins Consultant & National Team Manager

Monday, March 25, 2019

Win FREE Vanilla Contest

March 25, 2019

Win FREE Watkins Vanilla!

Do you love Watkins vanilla? Have you tried it before? Award - winning, best in class, this is the most delicious vanilla for any recipe.

What's even better, with this contest you can also win additional food products - up to $150 worth!

No purchase necessary - just enter and wait for winners to be announced next month! Contest is on-going as of this publication, so you have many chances to win!

More Chances to Win

The great thing with this contest (besides the free vanilla!) is the more you share the better your chances of winning again!

Once you enter, you will get a unique link to share if you wish. Share with family and friend and if they win in any month - you will ALSO win the equivalent prize for the month!

We are trying to reach as many people as we can with the contest and plan to give away LOTS of prizes!

So get started today, enter at http://www.WinFreeVanilla.com/378193 and good luck!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

What Happened to the Bath Body and Home Cleaning Products

February 26, 2019

J.R Watkins Bath Body and Home Cleaning Products

If you have been looking for J.R Watkins Bath, Body and Home Cleaning Products, you may
have been having a hard time finding them. At the very least, you may have some confusion as there are now two companies that appear to be 'Watkins'. I will help clear up any confusion and help you find the products you are looking for.

J.R Watkins  and the Watkins Co.

Despite the name, these two companies are not the same company. The original company, now the Watkins Co, is the original company which originated in 1868. This company is now called The Watkins Co. and their website is Watkins1868.com.

In 2018, The Watkins Co. sold a portion of their business to Swanders Pace and they retained the rights to the J.R Watkins name.

The Watkins Co. - Products Offered

Products offered by the Watkins Co. are mainly the food line. However, if you shop through a consultant (either in person or on line) you can have access to the J.R Watkins products as well. You can shop here or look for a Watkins consultant in your area here.

Some of the products people have been looking for are:

J.R Watkins Body Wash, Soap, Lotion, Shampoo, Deodorant, All Purpose Cleaner,  Laundry Detergent, Toilet Cleaner, Tub & Tile, Window Cleaner

Which Watkins is the Home Business Opportunity

That would be the Watkins Co. They are the original company and still base their sales model on having consultants who sell the products in person and through online methods. To learn more about the Watkins Home Business opportunity click here...

As a Watkins consultant you have access to the Watkins Co., and J.R Watkins products as well as sell them to your customers. You get discounts on the products, access to special offers and of course, can earn income from your sales. Watkins consultants are free to sell at markets, in person, do home parties and sponsor others. You are allowed to sell the products online through the e-site given to you and can use social media to advertise and raise awareness about the Watkins products and business.

The business is flexible and has no autoshipments or quotas to maintain. Free shipping on orders of $100 or more. As of today's typing, the membership price is $29.95. Included are free websites, access to training as well as the discounts and contests including the chance to earn free vacations each year which include airfare and typically an all inclusive hotel at tropical destinations. You can contact me if you have any questions about the Watkins Home Business

image about the watkins home business

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Basically a FREE Way to Start Your Own Home Business

January 3, 2019

Have you been wanting to start your own business but unsure of the requirements, commitments and start up costs? Everyone also claims their business is the best or the sure fire business but let's be honest - it has to be right for you first!

I will let you know what is right for me, and has been for the last 12 years and you can decide if it's something that sounds good for you too! Let's begin:

J.R Watkins Products

Celebrating 150 years of top quality products and customer service, this business has been around literally since the horse and bugger! Sales reps used to travel farm to farm and take their orders. Customers knew the Watkins name and trusted their quality.

Today, we travel via the automobile or use the internet but the company is still offering the same great products and customer service it did 150 years ago. We also have new products too because keeping up with the changing times is what it is all about!

From kitchen items, to cleaning items, bath and body and natural medicinal - we have what you need!

The J.R Watkins Home Business

I have tried many other home businesses in the past -mostly because I wanted the discount on products I use! I have left every one of them because they just didn't cut it. Often they required me to have auto-shipments set up, or I had to make quotas or else I'd go inactive. Others cost too much in shipping and then there were the ones were the products eventually disappointed.

In twelve years with Watkins, I have never had to do auto-shipments or gone inactive because I did not make a certain amount each month. In these twelve years, Watkins has worked hard to give us FREE S&H on our orders of $100 or more and the products have increased in variety as well as ingredients being changed to make products healthier and more eco-friendly!

This business is flexible and has tons of training, information and assistance to work with your schedule. Perks like all expense paid vacations (incl airfare) are some great contests you can expect as well as others. (These are not 'impossible' trips either like other companies...I have earned at least 6 so far and it's really not that hard!)

How to Start with the Watkins Business

Signing up is easy and quick. I'll attach the link below - just follow the steps, sign up online and you will get your ID# right away! You can decide to do home parties or markets or trade shows, market online and direct customers from the USA and Canada to your free e-consultant shopping site and sponsor other people to build a team! The choice is yours and myself as well as my whole upline is here to help however we can.

Specials to Join Watkins

Oh, and before I forget, sometimes Watkins offers promos during the year. They could be on volume sold or sponsoring specials. Right now we have one of each!

The first promo that runs for all of 2019 is where you can earn up to $150 in Gift Certificates based on volume in your first two months!

In your first 10 days, order $150 or more and get a $10 Gift Certificate.

In month 1 or 2, reach Bronze consultant and earn an additional $40 Gift certificate!

In month 1 or 2 reach Silver Consultant and earn a $100 gift certificate! And yes, if you reach Silver consultant in your first month you will earn all 3 of these certificates at once!

The second promotion runs only until January 31, 2019 and you can get a 2 year membership for $59.90 and receive a $60 Gift certificate! (Regular 1 year membership is $29.95)  You still have the option to join for 1 year but you won't receive any gift certificates. Memberships never auto-renew so no worries about that, this is your business and you have the control!

If you have any questions - feel free to ask , I'm happy to help!

Learn more about the business or sign up here...

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Looking for Creative Individuals Set on Defining Their Future

August 16, 2018

Creative, Motivated, Independent?

advertisement for creative individuals to join jr watkins

If this is you, I am looking for you! I am looking for individuals who are set on defining their own future. For those who want to be their own boss and be responsible for their own successes in life. I am looking for entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to work for themselves and who can see the vision of having excellent work/life balance!

Who I Am

I am Tamara Laschinsky, Indep. Watkins Silver Manager among other titles. I have been self-employed for over a decade now and absolutley LOVE it! I've been with Watkins that whole time and seriously can't say enough good about the company! Stable, secure, celebrating their 150th birthday this year...they are amazing!

I've owned other businesses too along the way, mainly because I am interested in so many things and love learning new skills all the time! I'm a web designer, graphic designer, marketing agent, author, magazine publisher, Reiki business owner, holistic healer, mother, adventurer and more!

What is Watkins

Watkins is a company that started in 1868, with natural medicinal products and top quality extracts and spices. It has grown over the years and while it still has many of it's original products, it now offers a variety of everyday household items at great prices.

There are operations out of the USA and Canada so your orders are shipped within the country the order originates from. The business is very flexible with no autoshipments or quotas and has perks like free all expenses paid vacations (including airfare!). People from all wakes of life join Watkins. Whether it's for their own personal discounts or retirement plans or some extra cash on the side, there is something for everyone!

Who You Are

You are Independent. You are a self-starter. You are motivated and curious! Just like any business, to be an entrepreneur you have to have vision and set your goals, re-defining them along the way. You have to work at it, being successful won't come overnight and certainly won't come without some work!

You can do this business so many ways: Selling directly, doing parties or markets, sponsoring etc. One of the biggest trends is social media so if you are good with social media or interested in learning - this is a great place to start! Online is mostly how I work and I do graphics up for my team to use. I have a website directory just for my team and I am always promoting our team to help customers and prospects find you!

So if you are curious, if you have been wondering 'what else can I do?'..give this a thought!

Learn more at www.WhyNotNorthAmerica.com  and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!