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Home Business Information

J.R Watkins Home Business Information

video about the j.r watkins home business

 I have put together a quick video to discuss the J.R Watkins business and you can see how it can work for you! Flexible, easy and no auto-shipments, you can start today for only $29.95! Click the video below to watch:


You can sign up today and learn more at  or contact me at if you have questions!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Start Home Business Get Free Gift Certificate - August 2017

August 1, 2017

Start J.R Watkins Home Business = Free $30 Gift Certificate

Have you been waiting for the right time to join J.R Watkins? Well now is the time! Start your J.R Watkins home business in August 2017 and get a free $30 gift certificate. Membership is only $29.95 and there are no autoshipments.

The J.R Watkins business is flexible and designed to work with YOUR schedule, offering you a free ordering website, business website, many business tools and training and being part of a company that has a rich 150 years of experience and history!

The J.R Watkins products are great quality everyday items used in households across North America for well over a century now! The company itself is trusted and reputable, has always been there for it's customers and consultants and is always working to keep with the times and ensure the continued growth so that your business will continue to be there for you as long as you want it!

Learn  more today at  or feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have!

I have been an Indep Consultant with Watkins and sponsor for over 10 years now and am a National Team Manager, focusing on helping to coach those on my team who want to grow their business and reach their goals.

Tamara Laschinsky, Indep Watkins Consultant #378193

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Saving up for Retirement: How Does Your Financial Future Look

July 25, 2017

Your Financial Future: Will You Have Enough Money to Retire?

If you are like most people, you wonder what will happen down the road for your retirement. Of course as we are younger we don't think much about it and not surprisingly, not many people put away for retirement to secure a comfortable lifestyle. As we get older, however, we begin to wonder if we will have enough money to retire and the scary truth sets in: Probably not. At least, not comfortably with peace of mind. There are ways to secure your future though and it's never to late to begin. One of the most popular ways is starting your own home business which not only gives you income now, but will continue to give you money even when  you retire!

How a Home Business Can Help Me Retire

A home business can be run a variety of ways and can be very flexible to work with you now and later when you retire. If you start now, you can earn income which you can put away into RRSP's or use to pay off bills, debts and mortgages sooner, freeing up your income for retirement.

It can also do so much more. Many home businesses are set up to reward you as your business grows - just like any company really. Whether you are doing trade shows or building a team or a combination of both, you can get your business to the point where you are receiving monthly commission cheques based on your sales and team sales.

Imagine for a moment,  if you were making $4,000 from your home business a month. (Keeping in  mind it will take you a few years to get your business established to reach this point but it is totally achievable.) Now, imagine your retirement years. While most people are taking money 'OUT' of the pot (their retirement fund) you won't even have to touch your retirement fund because you are still receiving income. Based on your lifestyle you may decide to take out of your retirement fund but realistically, at retirement age, with all bills/mortgage paid off, $4,000/month is pretty good income. it doesn't have to stop there of course, depending on your activities (ie doing markets or having others do them for you, having a large team etc) you could be making much more. I just wanted to give a number I know is realistic in a shorter time frame with dedication to a home business.

I Want to Retire and Not Work Much

Again, a totally reasonable goal to work towards. With a home business you can build a team that produces sales which you get paid on. Sure, you will still have to keep in touch with your team from time to time, or, if you are making enough income, you can hire someone to work the administration side of things. Leaving you plenty of time to relax and set your own schedule for the things you wish to do.

If you choose a home business that is flexible you can set it up how you wish and have all the freedom you desire with the perks to go with it.

Best Home Business to Secure My Financial Future

In my opinion, I would go with a J.R Watkins Home Business. Sure, I'm a bit biased as I've been an Indep. Consultant for 10+ years, but I've also tried other home businesses (some for fun, others to see if they make income, others just to get the discounts) and by far, I have found J.R Watkins the best one.

With J.R Watkins you have a very flexible business, no auto-shipment policy and freedom to market and sell in Canada and the USA. You can do trade shows, parties, direct sales and build a team. There are plenty of resources available for training as well. J.R Watkins has a wide range of quality everyday items that people 'need' vs 'want' which is important. They have been in business since 1868 (almost 150  years now) and have always treated their consultants good and fair. You can be confident in starting a business with J.R Watkins for the long-term.

I started my business with the goal of building a team, though I have also done trade shows and direct sales for immediate income. I have used the immediate income to pay off bills and debts, freeing up our other income to go into RRSP's  for the future. Then I worked on building a team which has enabled me to receive stable commission cheques that grow year after year in amounts. By the time I retire, which will be early retirement, I will have income coming in with a good size nest egg to draw upon should  I need to.

If you want to learn more about the J.R Watkins Home Business, please check out the information site here...

I am happy to answer any questions you have anytime!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Facebook Party with Free Gifts & Free Shipping

July 11, 2017

Facebook Party Featuring J.R Watkins Products - Free Gift Certificates

Have you been wanting to place your J.R Watkins order but waiting for a smokin' hot deal? Maybe you have heard about the product line but weren't too sure what was offered. Well this week there is a sweet deal as I am running my first ever Facebook Party! Get free gift certificates and free S&H on qualifying orders.

What is a Facebook Party?

Basically, a Facebook Party is an online event that you can opt in to. It will have details of the event, the offers and specials and instructions on how to order and get your offerings.

How Do I Join This Party?

It's very simple. You can visit my J.R Watkins Facebook page here and go to Events. You can RSVP to the event or just follow the instructions on how to order to get in on the deals! Feel free to share the event with other friends and family or, perhaps you would also like to host a Facebook Event so you can get more gift certificates based on your party's total!

What Are the J.R Watkins Deals?

During this event, July 11, 2017 - July 18, 2017 I am offering the following:
  • Place a qualifying order of $100 (or more) and get a free $10 Gift Certificate from me
  • All orders of $100 (or more) will have free shipping right to your door
  • Order from the regular priced items as well as the products that are on sale
If you wish to host an event like this, you can email me here. If you host you basically create an event and send it out to your friends and family. They will also get the free gift certificate deal I am offering and you, as the party host, will earn additional gift certificates based on the total party earnings!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Why I Hated (and now I LOVE) Rainy Days

April 28, 2017

Why I Hated Rainy Days - A Story of Business Success

As a child, I loved those rainy days. Sometimes they kept you inside and you would pop some popcorn and watch a movie, or perhaps you would go through some old photos or play dress-up. Then there were the days were you went outside, splashed in puddles, ran around, picked up worms and totally energized your soul with the fresh scent of the rain.

My dislike for rain didn't come in my childhood years. Or even my teen years. As a young adult however, rainy days held a much different meaning for me and while you may be reading this wondering how this could possibly relate to business - read on and you shall see!

Why I Hated Rainy Days

I had my first child in my early 20's. I didn't choose to go to University or College after High School, mainly because I didn't know what I wanted to do. So rather than waste money on an education in some area I'd likely not stay with, I choose to travel a bit. I met many people from across the world and have memories that will last me a lifetime. I gained confidence in myself as a person and from the skills I did learn at the various jobs I held during this time.

However, shortly after having my first child I became a single mother. Being a parent in general is not easy and being a single one is even harder. Finding daycare, working the right hours, trying to work but not being able to when your child (inevitably) gets sick - it is a challenge.

Without having a professional education, I mostly worked in the hospitality industry which I often worked late day/evening shifts. I am very thankful for my parents who helped me out during those couple of hours where daycare was closed and I needed care for my son. I wasn't rich, but I wasn't poor either.

My son was always well dressed and had the proper clothing for the seasons. We always ate healthy foods and I made sure he grew up having the same opportunities his friends had (playing sports, going to birthday parties, having sleep-overs, going to the movies once in awhile). He and I played outside often, enjoying the simple things in life like a picnic in the park or a swim at the public pool or beach. He grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba where there was almost always some sort of free arts/music/food festival going on and we got out there and enjoyed life.

Sounds good doesn't it? So where is the dark side of this story?

My bank account was most often showing red numbers with negative signs in front of the numbers...even AFTER payday. I made sure my bills were paid, I made sure my son was taken care of and I made sure we ate healthy, but it came at a cost. I didn't buy clothes or things for myself and so, eventually, my shoes got holes in them. Which brings me to why I hated rainy days, because I have hated having wet feet ever since grade school and (kids being kids) got into deep puddles that left me sitting there with cold wet socks all day.

I would walk to the car with my son (he is his rain boots, me in my shoes with holes which were also my work shoes) and I would try so hard to avoid the big puddles (He of course would charge right through them as he had rubber boots on! Ah, the joys of rain when you are a child!) I'd use the car heater to try to dry my feet/shoes as best as I could as we drove to his daycare where I had to get out and get my feet wet again. By the time I got to work, my feet were still wet but if it was a good day, they were only damp. Nonetheless, being in wet shoes for 9-11 hours is no fun!

How Many Rainy Days Passed

I really can't remember how long I was in this situation but I do remember the day it began to change. I knew I needed to change my life and no one was going to do that but me. I knew I could make that change, I just had to be open to it. This is not some inspirational story saying that if you start your own home business you are going to be have to work for it, like I did.

I decided to go back to school. 25 years old with a 2 year old son I first applied to the field of Radiology and the wait list was 2 years. Since I needed to get my Physics (although I graduated with a Science major in High School Physics was the only Science course I hadn't taken!) I went on the list and started doing my Physics correspondence at night, after my work, and after my son was in bed for the night. I was rocking the courses, finished Grade 11 quickly and was working on Grade 12 when I got the news there was an admin mix-up and someone forgot to put my name on the list!

Was I mad? Oh yeah. But, that wasn't going to change anything so I checked out the other course they had because I couldn't wait another 2 years to get my education. I got into Business Administration and really, I couldn't have known just how much I'd come to use that course in my future!

Keep in mind, I'm still a single mom of a now 3 year old, now paying for tuition and books and living on my own. School full-time and mom full-time means no working to make money which guessed it...even more debt. Fine, you only live once and I have the rest of my life to pay off debt, but I knew I had to make this change to go forward.

The Day I Noticed the Rain...and Smiled

I worked hard. This 2 year course was tough, brutal and demanding. I was exhausted and spent all my free time doing my homework and keeping time aside to keep being a mom to my son. I was already in debt but I knew I was on the right you know what I did? I bought some shoes!

No more holes in my shoes, no sir/ma'am, not for me! It was the moment I realized I was worth it and positive attracts positive. If you always think you will be broke - you will be. It was time to reward myself for my hard work, my positive outlook and of all, bravery for taking the chance to better my education for a better future for my son and I!

I remember a Friday evening shortly after this, my son and I dressed up and we went out for dinner to our local Pizza Hut. A rare event to go out but we deserved this. He deserved this! He was so patient with me and understanding. I told him how much I appreciated him and how things were going to get better once I graduated.

As we left dinner that night, hand in hand, we stepped outside and I noticed it had rained....and I smiled!

Why I LOVE Rainy Days

As I said in the beginning, as a child I loved rainy days. The calm, the bringing of new life, the smell of the rain cleaning away the dust. It is a life-giver. So of course, I still love rainy days and rain itself but now, it holds a different meaning again. Rainy days, for me, serve as a reminder.

They remind me where I WAS. A time where I thought there was no way out. A time where I had no money (quite the opposite) and couldn't even come up with a dollar for a slurpee for  my son on a hot summer day. A time in my life where I never, ever, would have imagined myself doing what I do now.

So what is it that I do now? I work from home. Have for 10 years now. After graduating I worked in Sales and then moved from Manitoba to Calgary where I worked in various office positions. Then, after becoming pregnant with my second child, I looked for a stay at home job to do while on maternity leave. I found Watkins and have been with them ever since. Working from home allowed me the work/life balance I was looking for. It has taken time to build the business up, it always does. But I've been rewarded not just with the freedom to set my own schedule and be here for my kids, and not just financially, but with perks like free vacations paid for by the company and meeting people from all over, building relationships that are super rewarding as well!

When I think about where I am now and where I was, I never would have thought it could happen. Recently I came back from a trip paid for by the company in Cabo San Lucas and I met someone who reminded me of myself those years ago. Never say never, because back then, I never would have imagined traveling to these destinations, let alone having a company pay for it!

I didn't think the plan out and outline what I wanted and how it would look, I just acknowledged the fact that I needed change and I would do what it took to make that change. The rest fell into place over time.

I will never look at a rainy day the same again but I am thankful for the experience. I wouldn't change a thing if I could because I have learned so much and the most important lesson: To never give up. Your success is within your grasp,  you just have to believe and be willing to work for it. Remember, I didn't have much time and I didn't have much money, but I had drive and desire to make that change so I took the risk. I had  many reasons, my son and a better life for both of us was my main motivation. To be successful, you need to find your motivation and keep reminding yourself. You only live once so make the most of it!

About Tamara:

Tamara lives with her family in Airdire, Alberta and has been self-employed since 2007. She is a J.R Watkins Indep Consultant and National Team Bronze Manager. You can learn more about the business and see Tamara's vacation stories and photos at http://www.WhyNotNorthAmerica.com

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 2016 Monthly Specials - USA

J.R Watkins November 2016 Monthly Specials - USA

Wondering what's on sale this month? We have some great items on sale in USA plus stay tuned for some new items coming soon! They are limited in quantity and will sell out fast! You can download a full copy of the catalogue here and feel free to visit the online Watkins store to shop for your favorite items and get fast delivery! Remember, orders of $100 or more ship for FREE!

Want to get a discount on your products? Consider joining as a Watkins consultant where you not only get a discount on your products and can earn income on your sales, but you also get access to new items first plus consultant only offers! No auto-shipments or quotas and the low price of $19.95 for the annual membership! Learn more here...

November Specials 2016 Canada

J.R Watkins November 2016 Monthly Specials - Canada

Wondering what's on sale this month? We have some great items on sale in Canada plus stay tuned for some new items coming soon! They are limited in quantity and will sell out fast! You can download a full copy of the catalogue here and feel free to visit the online Watkins store to shop for your favorite items and get fast delivery! Remember, orders of $100 or more ship for FREE!

Want to get a discount on your products? Consider joining as a Watkins consultant where you not only get a discount on your products and can earn income on your sales, but you also get access to new items first plus consultant only offers! No auto-shipments or quotas and the low price of $19.95 for the annual membership! Learn more here...