Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Low Start Up Cost for Your Own Home Business

January 6, 2016

Start Your J.R Watkins Business for a New Low Price!

Last year J.R Watkins did a trial run on a new low sign up fee. The regular fee was $39.95 for the year. But, with so many people opting to sign up digitally in today's day and age, Watkins decided to lower that price for people who signed up electronically.

The logic is simple really, it costs less to enroll yourself than to go through Watkins and have one of their staff take your information and process everything.

How The Low Start Up Cost for Watkins Works

The only difference between the two methods of signing up is what you get in the mail. If you pay $39.95 and sign up through the phone you will get a packet in the mail with a welcome letter, a catalogue and some order forms.

With the electronic signup you get your ID# right away and you are set to go! You can order your products either on the J.R Watkins website or via telephone. This includes products you want for inventory or to start using yourself or marketing materials like order forms, tablecloths for doing markets and catalogues!

Commitments and Quotas

There are none. It's that simple. Order as often as you would like. To be paid any bonus either on your own sales or your teams' sales you do have to have at least 100 Central points each month (that works out to about $100) but that's it. You don't have to put in orders if you don't wish, or build a team or order every so many months. The business is flexible and ready to work with your schedule!

Get Started With Your J.R Watkins Home Business Now

This is easy - just go to to take the tour and learn more. From there you can sign up or, if you have more questions, you can email me and I'll be happy to answer them for you!

Watkins allows you to work towards all inclusive paid trips, gives you a free sponsoring website and allows you to reach customers and prospects in Canada and the USA. It's got a solid reputation and over 150 years of trust and integrity backing up the company! A name customers know and trust and  a name you can trust too!

Start Now!

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