Thursday, January 3, 2019

Basically a FREE Way to Start Your Own Home Business

January 3, 2019

Have you been wanting to start your own business but unsure of the requirements, commitments and start up costs? Everyone also claims their business is the best or the sure fire business but let's be honest - it has to be right for you first!

I will let you know what is right for me, and has been for the last 12 years and you can decide if it's something that sounds good for you too! Let's begin:

J.R Watkins Products

Celebrating 150 years of top quality products and customer service, this business has been around literally since the horse and bugger! Sales reps used to travel farm to farm and take their orders. Customers knew the Watkins name and trusted their quality.

Today, we travel via the automobile or use the internet but the company is still offering the same great products and customer service it did 150 years ago. We also have new products too because keeping up with the changing times is what it is all about!

From kitchen items, to cleaning items, bath and body and natural medicinal - we have what you need!

The J.R Watkins Home Business

I have tried many other home businesses in the past -mostly because I wanted the discount on products I use! I have left every one of them because they just didn't cut it. Often they required me to have auto-shipments set up, or I had to make quotas or else I'd go inactive. Others cost too much in shipping and then there were the ones were the products eventually disappointed.

In twelve years with Watkins, I have never had to do auto-shipments or gone inactive because I did not make a certain amount each month. In these twelve years, Watkins has worked hard to give us FREE S&H on our orders of $100 or more and the products have increased in variety as well as ingredients being changed to make products healthier and more eco-friendly!

This business is flexible and has tons of training, information and assistance to work with your schedule. Perks like all expense paid vacations (incl airfare) are some great contests you can expect as well as others. (These are not 'impossible' trips either like other companies...I have earned at least 6 so far and it's really not that hard!)

How to Start with the Watkins Business

Signing up is easy and quick. I'll attach the link below - just follow the steps, sign up online and you will get your ID# right away! You can decide to do home parties or markets or trade shows, market online and direct customers from the USA and Canada to your free e-consultant shopping site and sponsor other people to build a team! The choice is yours and myself as well as my whole upline is here to help however we can.

Specials to Join Watkins

Oh, and before I forget, sometimes Watkins offers promos during the year. They could be on volume sold or sponsoring specials. Right now we have one of each!

The first promo that runs for all of 2019 is where you can earn up to $150 in Gift Certificates based on volume in your first two months!

In your first 10 days, order $150 or more and get a $10 Gift Certificate.

In month 1 or 2, reach Bronze consultant and earn an additional $40 Gift certificate!

In month 1 or 2 reach Silver Consultant and earn a $100 gift certificate! And yes, if you reach Silver consultant in your first month you will earn all 3 of these certificates at once!

The second promotion runs only until January 31, 2019 and you can get a 2 year membership for $59.90 and receive a $60 Gift certificate! (Regular 1 year membership is $29.95)  You still have the option to join for 1 year but you won't receive any gift certificates. Memberships never auto-renew so no worries about that, this is your business and you have the control!

If you have any questions - feel free to ask , I'm happy to help!

Learn more about the business or sign up here...

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