Thursday, August 16, 2018

Looking for Creative Individuals Set on Defining Their Future

August 16, 2018

Creative, Motivated, Independent?

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If this is you, I am looking for you! I am looking for individuals who are set on defining their own future. For those who want to be their own boss and be responsible for their own successes in life. I am looking for entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to work for themselves and who can see the vision of having excellent work/life balance!

Who I Am

I am Tamara Laschinsky, Indep. Watkins Silver Manager among other titles. I have been self-employed for over a decade now and absolutley LOVE it! I've been with Watkins that whole time and seriously can't say enough good about the company! Stable, secure, celebrating their 150th birthday this year...they are amazing!

I've owned other businesses too along the way, mainly because I am interested in so many things and love learning new skills all the time! I'm a web designer, graphic designer, marketing agent, author, magazine publisher, Reiki business owner, holistic healer, mother, adventurer and more!

What is Watkins

Watkins is a company that started in 1868, with natural medicinal products and top quality extracts and spices. It has grown over the years and while it still has many of it's original products, it now offers a variety of everyday household items at great prices.

There are operations out of the USA and Canada so your orders are shipped within the country the order originates from. The business is very flexible with no autoshipments or quotas and has perks like free all expenses paid vacations (including airfare!). People from all wakes of life join Watkins. Whether it's for their own personal discounts or retirement plans or some extra cash on the side, there is something for everyone!

Who You Are

You are Independent. You are a self-starter. You are motivated and curious! Just like any business, to be an entrepreneur you have to have vision and set your goals, re-defining them along the way. You have to work at it, being successful won't come overnight and certainly won't come without some work!

You can do this business so many ways: Selling directly, doing parties or markets, sponsoring etc. One of the biggest trends is social media so if you are good with social media or interested in learning - this is a great place to start! Online is mostly how I work and I do graphics up for my team to use. I have a website directory just for my team and I am always promoting our team to help customers and prospects find you!

So if you are curious, if you have been wondering 'what else can I do?'..give this a thought!

Learn more at  and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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