Thursday, May 28, 2015

Best Bug Spray Ever - Lotion and Spray with DEET

Best Bug Spray Ever - Lotion and Spray with DEET

May 27, 2015

So we know DEET can be harmful and is potent, but when you are going to areas where the mosquitoes and ticks are carrying some very serious diseases, you need to protect yourself. Who needs to go on vacation and come back with Malaria or Lyme disease?

J.R Watkins makes the best bug spray ever, with their high concentration 30% DEET formula to a lower one down to 5% for kids. Most travel agencies recommend this product and many doctors will to!

Personally, I prefer the spray because I am not fond of much DEET going on my skin to absorb into my system. I would do this sparingly.

So if I were going into the Rainforest, any forest, camping etc, I would be sure to wear as much clothing as I could to cover my skin, then spray the JR Watkins insect spray onto my clothing/hat etc. I would then use the JR Watkins bug lotion to cover areas of the skin (neck, ears, hands etc) for full prevention.

Now, this product is only available in Canada. I have had customers who are traveling to Southern destinations who have come to Canada to buy the product or who have found someone in Canada to buy from and then take it with them. This is a product that works!

You can view all of these products at  and in the search bar, type in 'insect'.

Hope that helps - happy camping!

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