Friday, February 27, 2015

JR Watkins 2016 Grand Prize Trip

J.R. Watkins 2016 Grand Prize Getaway Trip

February 27, 2015

Have you been wanting to go to a beautiful tropical vacation but couldn't find the money to do so? Maybe take a break from it all for a week, get waited on hand and foot and just RELAX?!

Ever hear about those companies that offer Grand prize trips to tropical vacations, but end up thinking "yeah right" only the 'top dogs' go on those.

Not true! Over the last couple of years I have qualified for a couple of these trips through J.R Watkins. While I couldn't attend the one in 2014 due to family circumstances, I am going this year for 2015. To the beautiful SECRETS resorts in Mexico. All inclusive, 6 days of fun and relaxation, trip for two!

Want to come on a trip too? It's too late for the 2015 trip for you but get ready for 2016!!!

The 2016 Grand Prize Trip by J.R Watkins is going to be in Iberostar Playa Mita, Riviera Nayarit. 6 wonderful days of luxury, dining, swimming, relaxing, water sports - whatever you want! All paid for! Airfare, transfers and gratuities plus all food &  beverages are paid for! (Spa and golf extra.)

So how to Win the 2016 Grand Prize Getaway Trip?

This is the easy part! So join Watkins today to start up your home business. You can join for $39.95 which gives you a catalogue and some flyers and price lists, or you can sign up digitally for $19.95 and then order what you need. We have online catalogues and downloadable prices lists, plus consultant only clearances.

No quotas, no min order requirements, work at your own pace. Do trade shows, sell direct, have home parties, sponsor others, the choice is yours. You can approach anyone in the USA and Canada so you have a pretty big territory to go after!

Here's how the point system works:

All of our products are worth points. Roughly, 1 point equals 1 US dollar. So let's say you sell/order $500 worth of product this month. You will have about 500 points.

Now, the program works like this: For every increment of 500 downline points vs the same time period LAST year, you get 500 points. weren't a consultant last year. Your last year total for this month is "0". Which means you have a 500 increment so you have 500 points! Voila! The program runs until the end of December where all points will be totaled up and you will know if you have enough points to go on the trip!

To be fair, if you are planning on doing parties/trade shows etc your general sales would be around $2000/month and that number also puts you at the manager level, earning you even more bonus and commission, on top of earning you points for the trip. If you have a team under you also selling and doing shows...well, you can see just how much your entire downline volume could be worth. Many people have earned their trip in a few months when they have people under them doing the same thing as them, selling at shows/parties etc.

Trip for 1: 23,000 Reward Points
Trip for 2: 38,000 Reward Points

Plus there's an option to 'buy in' for the second person if you are short points.

Learn more or sign up today at

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