Monday, April 14, 2014

Becomming a JR Watkins Home Business Consultant

Are you wondering how to become a JR Watkins Home Business Consultant? It's never been easier!

How to Start a JR Watkins Home Business

Simple go to JR Watkins website and click on 'Sign In/Create Account" Then you will choose to join as a consultant.

Enter your information and if you want you can choose packages to accompany your membership package. The only package you 'have' to buy is the Watkins membership package for $39.95. The rest are all optional.

In a week or so you'll get a welcome kit from Watkins with some information and a catalogue. Take some time to get familiar with the business and then decide on what routes you want to take with your business. You can do the following with a JR Watkins Business:

  • Trade Shows & Markets
  • Home Parties
  • Direct Customer Selling
  • Online Selling
  • Recruiting and Building a Team
You can sell and sign up consultants from all across North America! So if you live in Canada or the USA you can do business across the entire continent giving you huge potential for a customer and business base!

Information About JR Watkins Home Business

 If you want to know more about the Watkins home business opportunity you can go here to view The Summit Group's informational website on how the business works. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me anytime!

About Tamara Laschinsky, Indep Watkins Consultant & National Team Manager

I'm a Watkins Indep. Consultant and national team manager. I've been with Watkins since 2008 and
have over 200 consultants on my team from across Canada and the USA. I spend most of my time helping consultants like you make their business successful. I'm here to answer questions you may have, give you tips and advice and work on marketing strategies for both online and offline business development.

I have a degree in Business Administration with degrees in both E-Commerce and Marketing. I've self-published 3 books to date, own two other companies and LOVE what I do! My greatest pride is being able to help others build a business so they can reach their goals and dreams. Many consultants on my team are working towards early retirement and being able to leave their full time job so they can have a better work/life balance with their family. With a family of my own, I totally understand that and agree that we should have more freedom with our jobs. Watkins allows me that freedom and I'm more than happy to help you reach that freedom too! Visit my website now to learn more and sign up as a Watkins consultant today!

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