Friday, March 8, 2013

Get Watkins Membership and Free $40 Gift Certificate

March 8, 2013: Just RELEASED!  When you buy the Watkins membership in March 2013 (with me as your sponsor) you will get a free $40 Gift Certificate! Your enrolment fee will basically be covered (it's $39.95) so you are free to start up your Watkins business and come out ahead right away!

Starting Your Watkins Business

Have you already been thinking of starting a Watkins home business? Or any business? This is a great time to consider Watkins. They experienced a 41% growth increase over last year and more and more people are joining Watkins to be their home-based business choice.

Why Watkins Products

If you are familiar with the Watkins line then you'll know a few things:

  • Watkins offers quality products that work and can be trusted
  • Quality is of the highest degree
  • Products range from kitchen spices & extracts to household cleaning items
  • Watkins is committed to top quality and growing with consumer needs, currently working on more green - living options as well as vitamins & supplements
  • Full satisfaction guarantee, Watkins stands behind it's products 100%

Why a Watkins Home Based Business

  • J.R Watkins has been around since 1868 (yes, over 140 years)
  • J.R Watkins has survived recessions & depressions and is still doing business today
  • The company has always paid it's consultants and kept a successful business model
  • Flexible, no commitments  or quotas. Sell as much or as little as you want (you can even join just to get discounts for your own personal purchases!
  • Good profit margins for consultants. Make minimum 25% on sales and up to 40% plus bonuses
  • Rewards programs based on points (similar to AirMiles or AeroPlan) to redeem for prizes/electronics/trips etc.
  • Representing a name customers across North America are already familiar with

Join Watkins Home Business Today

If you join in the month of March 2013 you will get a $20 Gift Certificate from the group I belong to (The Summit Group) as well as a $20 Gift Certificate from myself. (Mailed to you beginning of April). Use them for future products, to give away etc.

You must join though, under my team to be eligible. There are three ways to do this to ensure you do get placed on the right team:

  1. Follow The Summit Group link here and go to Special Offers.....
  2. Go to my Watkins Website here....
  3. Phone Watkins directly, say you wish to join as a Consultant and then when they ask for your sponsor's ID#, give them mine. It's 378193  (Their # is 1-800-928-5467)
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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