Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Start a Business, Working The Way YOU Want to

Watkins and Home Business Opportunity

We all have to work. Some harder than others, some at jobs they like, others at jobs they don't like! The thing is, you do have some control over what kind of job you choose to do. So whether you are already working, looking to change jobs, want to supplement your income or maybe just do something as a hobby, take a look at starting up a Watkins business and see if it's right for you!

About Starting a Watkins Business

There are many of these 'turn-key' businesses around but you need to decide on what fits your needs. Turn key refers to just turning the key and 'voila!' ready to go!  Businesses do vary though and  you need to understand the various costs and terms involved.

I won't speak of the other businesses in this post other than to say most have a combination of monthly quotas to fill, minimum order requirements, requirements to buy catalogues etc. Watkins has none of this nonsense. When starting a Watkins business you pay the $39.95 annual fee and you are ready to go. Sure there are kits and catalogues you can buy, but  you don't have to and are not pressured to.

How to Start Your Watkins Business

Once you've joined under a sponsor you feel is ready to help you out - you can look at various ways to run your business. Sell directly to customers, sell online to USA and Canada or even build up a team and focus on managing that team (as I do.)

There is no right or wrong and you can modify and change your style anytime you want. Personally speaking, I never harass anyone on my team and leave it up to them how they wish to run their business. I understand some have joined to get a personal discount on their purchases while others seriously want to make this their full-time job. For those who are serious about the business I have created a special program (see below.)

So once you are signed up, you are read to start selling Watkins!

Finding Your Sponsor

This is important - you need a sponsor and Watkins will ask you for your sponsors ID#. Feel free to choose who you want but be sure they are willing to help you out and that they are active in coaching their team. Look at their track record and how involved they are. I've had many consultants join my team when their own sponsor quit and left them without support.

I run my Watkins business mostly managing our team. I help coach individuals with business information so they can succeed and reach their goals. I do some customer sales but often I refer customers to local reps in my area instead.

I have a website created for our team: GoGreenNorthAmerica.ca that is designed to help customers find local reps. This is for OUR team only and your downline, ranking in the top 3 spots of internet searches and seeing 50-100 hits per day.

I also offer the Advanced Training Program (free as well) to anyone on my team who wants to build their business. It's nothing you need to buy into, just free advice and examples and ideas to help you get where you want to be!

Joining Watkins and Starting a Business Now

Tamara Laschinsky
Indep Watkins National Team Manager #378193
So if you are ready, you can join up online or via the phone directly with Watkins.

  • Phone Watkins you can call 1-800-928-5467 and indicate you wish to join as a consultant. You will be asked for my ID# - it's 378193.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or phone me - I'm happy to answer them for you!  403.998.8597

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