Monday, October 1, 2012

$30 in Free Gift Certificataes When You Join My Home Business Team

Free Watkins Gift Certificate to New Associates in October

October 1, 2012: Watkins has just announced it will give new associates a FREE $10 Gift Certificate when they join as an associate in the month of October. National team manager, Tamara Laschinsky is going to sweeten the deal and offer $20 Gift Certificates to anyone who joins her team; giving new associates $30 in free gift certificates when they start up their Watkins home business!

Why Join Watkins

Watkins has been around since 1868 and have over 140 years of trusted customer service and top quality products. Indep. Consultants receive a good compensation plan as well as the ability to sell locally and to anyone in North America. You can sell online, at trade shows, at home parties and even door-to-door if you want!

How Much Does it Cost To Start a Watkins Home Business

The basic membership fee is $39.95/year. You must pay this to become an Indep. Watkins consultant. There are other packages available for you to buy including the Watkinize Your Home Assortment, but none are necessary and are totally optional.

You will need to define your goals and see what kind of selling you wish to do. You may wish to stock up on some products and Watkins catalogs depending on whether or not you plan on doing trade shows or just selling online or sponsoring.

Watkins Free $10 Gift Certificate

When you join as a Watkins associate in October you will get a FREE $10 Watkins Gift certificate. You can use this for your own orders or give away as a gift or prize to your customers.

$20 Watkins Gift Certificate

As a national team manager I will give new associates who join my team, a free $20 Watkins gift certificate. These will be sent out in the beginning of November. Again, you can use them towards your own purchases or give them away to customers/friends etc.

To join my team do one of the following:

Tamara Laschinsky, Watkins Team Manager
1. Phone Watkins 1-800-928-5467 and tell them you wish to join as an associate. You will be asked to give your sponsors ID#. You will give them my ID# 378193 and that will ensure you are placed on my team. This way I will get notified and put you on the list for the $20 Gift Certificate.

2. Sign up online  On the left hand side it says "Join Us" and then, after you click there, choose "As an Associate". Fill out the fields and ensure my sponsor ID# 378193 shows up on the form. You do need a sponsor in order to join Watkins.

You should get an email confirmation within a day with your ID# and then I'll be in touch with you with more information. If you wish to discuss this further or have questions, feel free to contact me anytime or visit my informational website at

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