Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MLM Home Business Opportunities: Good or a Scam

Are you wanting to start your own business but wondering if MLM Home Businesses are all scams? You are not alone. There are many MLM business opportunities out there and a mix of good and bad ones.

The main thing is to look at the pros and cons and see if there are things like hidden fees, quotas or minimum order requirements. Look at company history and talk to some reps to see if you get a good feel for the business.

MLM Business Opportunities - Questions to Ask

The main thing you need to know is: Can you make money? Seriously. That's what this is all about, money!  Yes, people will tell you it's easy to make money but look into it carefully and decide how long it will take to make money and how much you have to spend to make it!

  • Start-up costs
  • Maintenance costs (website, catalogs, membership fees)
  • Ordering - minimum orders, auto-ships etc.
  • Commission rates and payouts
  • Market for the product or service 

History and Profitability of the Company

Check out the company extensively and see if they have a good history of staying in business! How long have they been around? Do customers know their name and trust their name? Do they stand behind their product and guarantee?

You are about to invest a lot of time into this business so make sure the main company will be around in the next 5-50 years! No sense building up a retirement business only for the company to close it's doors 2 years from now!

Watkins as a Business Opportunity

Yes, this is where I plug in the Watkins Home Business Opportunity! I've been a team manager since 2009 and grew up with the product in our household. Watkins is a name customers know and trust and the company has been around since 1868!

The J.R. Watkins company has been around over 140 years, survived recessions and depressions and continues to grow it's product line and pay it's consultants.

Besides having a great reputation, Watkins offers a good compensation plan and makes it realistic for anyone to start up their own business and make real money both short and long-term. There are no quotas or minimum order requirements. There are auto-ships and other programs but they are totally optional. That means you don't get stuck paying for something you don't want!

How to Start Up a Watkins Home Business

Tamara Laschinsky, Indep. Watkins Team Manager
It's never been easier to get started selling Watkins and getting your business going. You pay $39.95 for the membership fee and you are signed up, just like that!  You get tons of free coaching from myself and The Summit Group including group training and one on one training - whatever you need to reach your goals.

I can honestly say that in the years I've been with Watkins I've made good money, consistent money, and have not had to pay out for things I did not want. My Watkins business has been consistent and helped me meet many new people across North America. I've received many free products and items through their rewards program and have earned enough points for a variety of trips to take with my family.

If you want to know more about Watkins as a Home Business or feel free to email me at info@NaturalProductsOnline.ca you can check out my informational website. It covers the most common FAQs and I'm always here if you want to chat in more detail!

View my Informational Watkins Website here....

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