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Small Business Ideas: Working from Home

Tamara Laschinsky
Want another job? Need to make more money? Tired of the same ol' routine and need to challenge yourself? You're not alone. Hundreds of people are starting their own businesses everyday. However, hundreds more are closing their doors too! So how do you decide on a good business to start and ensure your success? By reading this article of course! And who am I? My name is Tamara Laschinsky and I've started both types of businesses and know what I'm talking about!

Choosing a Small Business to Start at Home

Oh, there's tons and tons of them out there. Should you sign on with a pre existing company or should you start something brand new? What kind of markets do you want to tackle and how much time do you have to give (and money?)

Starting a Business With a Pre Existing Company

Why not? I mean, if a company is successful and doing well, why wouldn't you just sign up and become a distributor or representative? Take Watkins for example, the first home business I started.

Watkins was easy to start up with and required very little investment on my part. Truthfully, all I had to do was buy the annual membership ($39.95). Sure, I invested money as I went along and bought products to sell at markets, but there were no quotas or commitments. Unlike other companies I looked into like Partylite and Avon. Expensive start up and continuing costs - no thanks!

Watkins natural products business opportunity
Watkins Natural Products
Did I get paid lots of money with Watkins? No, not in the beginning. But I didn't do a lot of direct selling either right away. I eventually sold to more and more customers and decided to get serious with the business and now I'm a Manager and can certainly call what I do "a job!"  But no matter what, you have to realize - any business 'takes time!' You need to grow it, work at it and plan for the long run.

Starting Your Own Home Business From Scratch

Natural e GREEN Natural Health & Wellness Store
Natural e GREEN Natural Health & Wellness Store
Oh, certainly the most rewarding in some ways but "Risk, Risk, Risk!" Just keep that in mind when you consider this option. Long hours, sometimes no  money at all (and even loss of revenue at times). Extra responsibility and oodles of frustration.

I started my own company, Natural e GREEN, after I had joined up with Watkins. I loved the freedom it gave me to create my own ideas and learn so much about my business and customers. I certainly did not love how oftentimes I had no revenue coming in and those times when I wondered where the money would come from to keep the business alive!

Tons of planning and re-vamping. Many tears of frustration cried at times and wondering whether or not to continue. Those days are likely not over either! Yes, my business is doing very well now but nothing is guaranteed in life and you always have to be watching and open to new marketing ideas and markets. Have Plans B-Z already set and ready to implement should you have to find new ways to drive your business! Learn, learn, learn! Mistakes happen, you won't avoid this! Accept it and move forward, learning from everything and get advice whenever you can from other successful (key word successful) businesses!

How to Run a Small Business From Home

Oh, there will be  book on this! It is set to be my third published book actually. (Did I mention I am also an author, freelance writer and website designer?) A blog is certainly not the place to write all this down, there just isn't enough room! But a few quick tips:

  • Passion - You better love what you do (then it's not work!) and keep loving it
  • Motivation - No one is going to tell you when to work so be able to self-motivate
  • Boundaries - No one is going to tell you when to STOP working, so set those boundaries so you don't burn out and  become consumed!
  • Knowledge - Know what you are good at and find expert help for areas you are not so strong in
  • Honesty - Deal with customers and suppliers honestly and be honest with yourself about expectations
  • Patience - It will take time to build a business. 
  • Funding - Have enough funding set aside to help you grow the business and still pay the bills. You may have to work for someone else during this time too (I did!) but just remember the end goal!
You can run a small business and even grow it into a big business ( make sure that's part of your long-term planning so you are ready!).  With the economy the way it is, you want to have something to fall back on and having  your own business is a good idea! Just remember it takes time and don't be afraid to ask those who are successful, they are the ones you want to get tips from!

If you ever have questions please feel free to ask! I don't mind helping out others as I know I appreciate when the same favor is returned when I have questions! If you want to start a business that is already established I'd love to have you on my Watkins team. I spend my time helping manage a team of over 120 distributors across North America. My passion (one of them) is helping others especially when it means helping them build up a business! If you want to know more about the Watkins business you can email me or visit the information page I created here....

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