Friday, April 6, 2012

Win Apple iPad or Get $300 Cash - Watkins Products Contest

Apple iPad or $300 in Cash Watkins Giveaway?

Win Apple iPad with Watkins

Wow - seriously? In all the years I've been with Watkins I've never seen this  kind of deal and am quite amazed! For the month of April, you can win an Apple iPad or $300 Cash when you sign someone up with Watkins.

The catch? You have to be an associate (guess that was a no-brainer!) and must be part of The Summit Group. Then, for each person you sign up, you get an entry to win the Apple iPad or choose $300 in cash!

How to Become Part of The Summit Group

The Summit Group was started by two Watkins associates who have grown their team over the years and now focus on providing helpful information and coaching to their team and it's members. Anyone who is part of The Summit Group will always be part of The Summit Group. So how do YOU become part of The Summit Group? Simple, join Watkins with an associate who is part of TSG already and you will automatically be part of The Summit Group as well!

Want to know who is part of TSG - yup, you guessed it! I am! I've been with Watkins since 2008 and have nothing bad to say at all. Many people like to say Watkins is a pyramid scheme - wrong! Watkins, like many companies, have distributors who sell their products for them. Like any sales job, you get paid on what you sell and the more you sell -yup, the more money you get.

Why Do People Call Watkins a Pyramid Scheme or MLM Scam?

Many MLM companies gave the name a bad reputation, making it really hard to build teams and making it essential to join other people up. Here is where Watkins is different:
  • You don't HAVE to join up anyone if you don't want to
  • The sales compensation is attractive just by selling products to customers (without having a team)
  • The savings is substantial enough that many people join Watkins just to get their own personal discounts!
  • You don't HAVE to buy anything you don't want to! (There are packages you CAN buy, but you don't have to buy them.)
Basically, you can make good money with Watkins with or without a team under you. Sure you can build a team but you don't have to. I joined to get a personal discount years ago and eventually started selling to customers and then built a team up. I now spend most of my time coaching now and helping customers find local reps to order from.

Watkins is super flexible and easy going. The only fee you HAVE to pay is $39.95, your annual membership fee. I've tried a few other companies in the past and know about "having to buy catalogs" and "having to buy starter kits" - Watkins is not like that and I LOVE it!

Tamara Laschinsky's Watkins Team & $50 Gift Certificate

Tamara Laschinsky National Team Manager #378193
My team is one of the fastest growing teams and I have associates all over Canada and the USA. I spend my time helping associates build their business and maintaining a special website that customers use to find local reps in their area. The website is called and it helps customers every day, find a local Watkins rep close to them. The listing is free and a perk I offer ONLY to members on my team.

Of course, there are other members on my team who just want the personal discount and don't want to sell anything. I totally understand that and don't push anyone to do anything they don't want to. I'm here to help when help is wanted! Recently I started a new program to share the information that I've learned over the last few years. It's free to anyone who joins my team and involves a free training manual with great tips for offline & online marketing and monthly newsletters focuses on one or two main items (facebook, pinterest, farmer markets, customers sales etc.)

For the month of April - anyone who joins my Watkins Team gets a FREE $50 Gift Certificate! (No catch, just buy the membership for $39.95 and get a $50 Gift Certificate!) If you want to know more about the Watkins business, The Summit Group  and even the contests that are on right now - visit my Watkins Website and feel free to contact me anytime!

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