Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sell Watkins Products in Your Store and Get More Customers

Looking for NEW products to sell in your store?

As you know, you need to have products customers want and need and having something different is a good way to ensure customers will come to your store and shop. Watkins has been providing quality products since 1868 and trusted by customers all over North America for generations. Now, you can sell Watkins products in your store and give customers a place to shop for Watkins products!

Why Sell Watkins Products in Your Store?

watkins natural body lotion personal care products
Watkins Natural Body Care
Watkins products are always in demand and customers are always looking for places to buy Watkins products. By keeping some of these products on your store shelves you can become known as the place to buy Watkins products! Customers will come from near and far (trust me!) to get the products they need!

You can make a good profit from the Watkins products and Watkins stands behind it's name with the 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have a traditional line of products as well as a new natural line which customers absolutley LOVE!

What Watkins Products Should You Sell in Your Store?

Watkins natural home remedies petro carbo camphor ointment
Watkins Natural Remedies
Watkins has over 300 products and as a store, you can only carry up to 20 different products on your store shelves. That doesn't mean you can't order in product on special request for customers. There are some main items that are super popular with Watkins customers. I will let you know which ones they are so you can be sure to keep them stocked in your store!

Why Should You Trust What I Say?

tamara laschinsky watkins associate manager join watkins
Tamara Laschinsky
Hi - I'm Tamara Laschinsky! I've been with Watkins for 3 years now, I manage a large North American team of associates but most importantly, I manage the website What's important about this website is it helps connect customers to local Watkins dealers. I get tons of calls daily from people looking for Watkins products in their area.

Sometimes I am able to connect them with a rep, sometimes I can not as I don't have a rep in their area. I often encourage them to check out local farmer's markets or even small drug stores in their area to see if they have Watkins products for sale.

I know what products customers are looking for, I deal with it every day! I know what products you should have in your store so customers can come shop for Watkins products with you. I can also list you on the website which will not only help customers find your store but will also provide you a nice backlink from our site to yours!

Why Get a Watkins Membership?

Watkins gift certificate when you join to sell Watkins product
Watkins Sales Promo - $50 Gift Certificate
The annual membership is $39.95 for the year. This gives you 25% minimum off your purchases. You can get up to 40% off depending on your order size. You can also enroll in a program that gives you a minimum of 30% off the products PLUS free shipping.

Also, for April 2012 only - any new memberships will get a $50 Gift Certificate to be used towards future purchases! The catch? You have to join through this link and after your enrollment is complete you need to fill out a prize request form - that's it!

I encourage you to contact me with any questions. You can also get more information here: or you can email me at

Or Click here to get Join Watkins now! Click on JOIN US and then "AS an ASSOCIATE!" 

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