Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why A Home Business Isn't Right For You

September 28, 2016

Why a Home Business Isn't Right For You

Here you are, looking for a home business to start up and you are taking the first correct step: Research! There are tons of opportunities out there but they vary in what they offer. Some have commitments, others have auto-shipments. Some reach a world-wide audience while others are more local. Before you even begin to look at the different types of home businesses though, you need to ask: Is a Home Business Even Right For Me? (A very important question indeed because if you find it isn't a good fit for you, then it doesn't matter what company you choose in the end!)

Home Business Requirement #1: Self-Starter and Motivator

Yes or no? Can you get this business started yourself and motivate yourself to keep going? No matter what the company sends you for 'tools' and support, it all falls on you to get this business up and running. So you are going to wake up in the morning, make your tea or coffee and then what? Will you sit down at the desk and begin your action plan on what your goals are and what methods you will take to reach them? With so many options to conduct and start your business (online, offline) you will need to have a plan and process of getting started. Or will you take your time getting started, play around on social media for awhile, chat with friends, sleep in a bit and start and stop your day at will? (If you agree with just taking your time and starting and stopping your day at will  without making any action plans, while staying in pyjamas all day, you can stop reading here...a home business is not right for you.)

A business is a business, regardless if it's one you start from scratch or one that is what is now called 'turn-key'. You still have to get a customer base and grow your business awareness in your community and target market. Just like any business, things will get tough once in awhile. They will go up and down and it can take awhile for your business to grow. Can you support yourself and drive yourself to keep going with the business, instead of giving up and blaming the business for being weak?

Home Business Requirement #2: Time and Money

When I speak with others who wish to start up their own business and their reasons for wanting to do so, it almost always comes down to either a.) Wanting more flexibility with their work schedule and/or b.) Wanting more money.

However, you also need to have the adequate time and money to put into the business in order for it to succeed. If you think you can just sign up for a home business and then everything will fall into place, you will be very disappointed.  Even if you work full-time, you can still put in some part-time hours in the evening or weekends to begin growing your business. From there, as the business grows, you should eventually find yourself able to rely on your home business for your full-time income.

You will also need to have enough money to get this business started. Depending on what methods you wish to do (online, offline, big trade shows or direct customer sales) your requirements will vary. You will at least need to have some catalogues from the company and business cards made up. Likely you will need to invest some money into getting some inventory.

Be honest with yourself - if you do not have the time to invest or the money to invest, your business will not work. It will peak here and there and eventually flop. You will be discouraged and once again, blame the business for failing. It is not the business though, it is lack of planning which is one of the main reasons most businesses fail. Planning now and being honest with yourself will help you ensure success!

Home Business Requirement #3: Interest

Ok, so you have made it through points 1 and 2. You have the self-starter attitude and motivation to get this business launched and to keep it going. You have the time to invest and the money to get it started and keep it growing. Now, ask yourself: "Do I like this product or service?  Can I stand behind it and support it 100%?"

Whoever heard of someone running a doggie daycare business who doesn't like dogs? Or a hairstylist who doesn't really care about hair? If you wanted to start your own bakery but really didn't like to bake or serve customers, how successful do you think you'd be? Sure you can hire someone to do the work but you are not going to have that kind of money right off the bat and even if you did, you are the brains behind the operation. You still need to have the plans for your future and be the one to motivate your staff. You can't do that if you don't believe in what you are representing.

So while you are looking for that home business to start, look for something that you believe in. Products or services that you would use and would be happy to tell others about.  I often hear people say they are willing to tell strangers about their business and the products but they don't want to harass their family and friends. How silly. If you believe in your products and think they are really good and beneficial, why wouldn't you want your family and friends to know? The products I sell are very good and useful. For example, a salve we sell (the Petro Carbo) is used for a variety of skin problems and even recommended by plastic surgeons to help speed up the healing process. If I had friends or family members who had dry cracked feet or a cut that could scar, why wouldn't I recommend they try this product? So be sure you are happy to represent this company and what they are offering.

About the Author:

Tamara Laschinsky has her degree in Business Administration Marketing and E-Commerce.
She has opened many home businesses over the last decade and published 4 books at the time of this writing. Tamara is currently an Indep. J.R Watkins Consultant and National Team Manager with over 400 people on her team across Canada and the USA. She is also a Reiki practitioner and runs both businesses out of her home in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

You can learn more about Tamara's J.R Watkins business here or email her at

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