Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Save Big on Watkins Supplements and Make Money

Thinking of improving your health and making some money while you are at it? Watkins is offering a great special right now that gets you 35% off their supplements with a 90 day supply. Use it for yourself or start selling to customers, the choice is yours!

This is the busy time for Watkins and you can choose between doing booth sales, home parties or just word of mouth selling. These supplements have been long awaited and are finally here to share with your customers.

Why Start a Watkins Home Business?

Face it -  you can't trust the economy. With so many businesses going under, often at last minutes notice, doesn't it just make sense to have some other back up plans to turn to? That's that what I though a few years ago when the recession crept in and I saw many of my old colleagues lose their long-time positions in high paying jobs.

Take Control of Your Life and Income

Watkins has been through recessions and depressions. They have changed their business models to ensure they stayed afloat and while at times they were barely afloat, they never failed to pay their consultants and they never went under.

Join Watkins Today and Get Your Business Started

Watkins is very flexible and you can choose to work it P/T, F/T, whatever. There are no quotas or min order requirements. So you can start today and begin building on it. Many Watkins' consultants start now and by the time they are ready to retire (and that doesn't even have to be the magic number of 55 or even 65) they have enough income from Watkins to be comfortable and kick back.

So get more information here:     and if you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Tamara Laschinsky
Indep. Watkins Consultant & National Team Manager #378193

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