Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Website Coming May 1 2013 for Consultants and Customers

April 30th: The J.R Watkins website is going to be changing soon! Scheduled to roll out on May 1st, 2013, the new website will be easier to navigate and give customers a great browsing experience!

New J.R Watkins Website Online

Watkins used to have two separate websites which caused confusion and was harder to maintain. A decision was made to make it all into one site and ultimately have one look and feel across the board. If you've ever been to the J.R Watkins website before you will find the new one very similar.

However, if you were used to shopping at the WatkinsOnline.com website you will notice many changes.

Changing to the New Watkins URL

If you had any bookmarks to a WatkinsOnline.com URL you will need to update it to the JRWatkins.com one. This also means if you had a quick link to your consultant's website (mine for example was WatkinsOnline.com/tamara.laschinsky) you will need to change it to the JRWatkins.com/consultants one (for example, mine will be http://www.JRWatkins.com/consultants/tamara.laschinsky).

Watkins Website Helps You Order With Consultants Online

The website will help you with a drop down list so you can place orders with your consultant if you forget their ID#.

While this roll-out is happening customers may notice a few things:

  1. When you order it may not say you are ordering through your consultant so when you checkout be sure to see if your consultants ID# is in the box.
  2. Anyone wanting to join Watkins and start their own J.R Watkins business will have to sign up via telephone. You must call J.R Watkins at 1.800.928.5467 and sign up that way. (Watkins will ask you for a sponsor's ID# so if you don't have one, you can use mine (378193).
Some links may not work anymore depending on where you are getting them from. For example, if a consultant did their own web page and put some links to products before they would've linked to the old site (which will remain active for 30 days after roll out). Those links won't work after 30 days so if you need help finding products you can ask me or just go to the new J.R . Watkins website here....

If you have any problems with the website please phone Watkins as they need to know what is happening. They can certainly help you over the telephone and answer any questions you have.
If you have any questions for me I'm happy to help! You can call me at 403.998.8597. 


Tamara Laschinsky
Indep. J.R Watkins Consultant & National Team Manager#378193

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