Monday, May 7, 2012

3 days left for FREE $50 Gift Certificate When You Join

The special incentive has been held over for a few more days!

Join Watkins as an Associate by May 10th and get a FREE $50 Gift Certificate!

So if you've been thinking about joining, there isn't a better time than now! The annual fee is $39.95 - that's it.

What you Get With a Watkins Membership

You get:
  • Minimum 25% off your own purchases
  • Minimum 25% profit on customer sales
  • Up to 39.5% profit and rebate depending on sales volume
No hidden fees or quotas to fill, no need to keep extra inventory or submit minimum orders! Great way to meet new people, get some extra money and even start building your own business to run full-time if you want. (I did!)

 The FREE $50 Gift Certificate

To get the certificate you MUST join through this link (it's the only way I know who you are so you can get the certificate!)  Once you are signed up you'll get an email from me within a day, telling you where to request the $50 Gift Certificate and it will be mailed out to you within a couple of weeks.

This was an April special and is continued until May 10th so hurry now and join Watkins today......

If you want to know more about the Watkins Business you can visit my information site or email me for more information.

I've been with Watkins since 2008 and am a national team manager. I love what I do and work with my team to help them build their businesses as well.

Find Local Watkins Reps at
You also get a FREE website listing on the website It's a site I designed a few years ago, to help customers find local reps in their area. I ONLY list associates who are on my team (and those on their team) so it's a great free resource for you and helps you advertise in your local area!

The website ranks in the tops spots for internet searches and I handle calls daily from customers all over Canada and the USA, helping them find local reps in their area.

Click here to join our Watkins team....

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