Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Contests and Giveaways When You Join Watkins in April

Enter to win an Apple iPad, Cash or Get $50 Gift Certificate with Watkins in April!

In all the years I've been with Watkins I've never seen this many contests, nor, such big prizes! For April only, join on my team and get a FREE $50 Gift Certificate. Also, if you decide to sponsor anyone this month, once you are an associate, you can enter to win the new Apple iPad or get $300 in cash! Sweet!

Join Watkins in April and Get a FREE $50 Gift Certificate

The membership fee for joining Watkins is $39.95/year. There are no quotas or minimum requirements and you can join to start a business and make money OR you can join just to get a discount on your personal purchases.

If you do join this month be sure to go through this link and you will be able to get a gift certificate for $50 of Watkins products!

 Click here for more details and to join Watkins....

Sponsor Someone to Join Watkins in April and Enter to Win Apple iPad or $300 Cash

If you do join this month and decide to sign up other associates you will get to enter another contest. The Apple iPad or $300 in cash!  For each person you sign up you can submit an entry form for the contest!

If your name is chosen in May, choose from either the Apple iPad OR the $300 in cash!  Wow!

Click here for more details and to join Watkins....

There are many more contests this month as well including more gift certificates, free bottles of vanilla and 50% deals. My name is Tamara Laschinsky and I am an Indep. Watkins Associate and National Team Leader. I have a large team of associates from all over Canada and the USA. My goal is to help associates grow their business (if they want to) and help them find new ways to market their business and make their business a successful one.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime. You can email me at

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